What happens during a
Biomagnetic Neuropsychology session?

The first part of the session is for the purposes of ‘scanning’ for neurological gaps. This method has been established through large-scale scientific trials.

  1. The client looks through a set of cards, with each card containing a short text and an image of a scenario that relates to different psychological, emotional and behavioural states. Examples include fear, anger and pride.  This is information that the conscious mind can process.  The cards also contain subliminal information that the subconscious mind will process.
  2. You will have the opportunity to explain any reasons or issues you have that brings you to Biomagnetic Neuropsychology. Some people do not want to discuss any such issues and that is fine.  These sessions are different from psychotherapy or counselling in that lengthy discussions of problems are not part of the sessions.
  3. You will then look at a second set of cards, which contain subliminal information to allow the subconscious to be scanned for behavioural, psychological or emotional issues, referred to in this protocol as ‘errors of perception’.
  4. The second part of the protocol is to map the points to be stimulated onto your head. Colour coded stickers are used to map the points to be stimulated and so that they do not stick to your hair, a white cap is first placed on your head.
  5. I will then stimulate the points identified as requiring stimulation with the Biomagnetic inductor.  Each point will be stimulated for up to 60 seconds at such low frequencies that you will not feel it.  This process induces a state of hyperplasticity in those particular areas of the brain that link to your identified issue/error of perception.  This state of hyperplasticity will last for approximately half an hour.
  6. The window of hyperplasticity provides the opportunity for the scenarios that scanned as an error in perception to be addressed. This is how new neural pathways in the brain are created and any errors in perception adjusted and corrected.  This allows clients to develop new logical thought processes which replace previous perceptional errors and which in turn, leads to healthier emotions, feelings and behaviours.  The results are astounding and can change the course of a person’s life for the better, in a significant way.

Each session lasts about 1 – 1.5 hours.

I was sectioned and hospitalised a few years ago. Life just got on top of me. I had a psychiatrist, I was medicated for depression and anxiety and then I continued with a counsellor. The counsellor was nice and she helped me, but because it was NHS funded, there would be gaps in between the sessions. I’ve had a short course of sessions with Rhianwen after which I feel almost renewed. She made me realise that after my hospitalisation I saw myself as a victim and the underdog. But after these sessions I can look back at that experience with new wisdom – that a psychological wound can be viewed similar to a physical wound – and that it is possible to recover from it with the right care. I now look at the depression and anxiety as being separate rather than the same and also as symptoms of other things rather than a cause in their own right. I’m more content in myself than I’ve been in years

I had a session with Rhianwen simply because she’s an old friend and I knew that anything she turned her hand to would be through conviction. I had read her literature first. I can’t say that I have any major problems. Both my husband and I have full-time careers, children and aging parents living in a different part of the country. Life is busy, it’s a constant juggle, I lack sleep, I’m tired a lot and I don’t eat as well as I should. But I have no psychological issues as such. I’m highly organised. Some people may consider that to be a psychological issue, but I have to be highly organised in order to keep the show on the road and everything afloat. I did have a session with Rhianwen even though, according to the information, I didn’t feel that I needed one. Also, if I didn’t know Rhianwen I think I would have been a little trepidatious about it. I’d read some of the testimonials and read how some people feel more relaxed and calmer after a session. I’m an accountant by profession so I need to be sharp at work – I can’t be floating on air. I did feel a calmness during the session and afterwards. But what surprised me in the following days was how I was actually sharper and more focused than usual. I believe I slept better too. I will certainly go back for more!